The Power of a Casual Hello

By Brian Weed, HHS CEO

In any type of leadership role, it is easy to get pulled into daily work responsibilities that leave us behind our desk or on the phone. However, when we hide in our offices we miss critical opportunities to connect with those around us, whether that is fellow leaders, employees, current or prospective customers, or influential individuals from within our field of work. This is where a casual hello can serve as a powerful tool that allows us to break down barriers and open the door to establish rewarding connections with those around us.

shutterstock_1342628210Challenge yourself not to let a day go by without stopping, knocking, and simply saying hello to someone you have been meaning to speak with, or stopping by a table to say hi to employees during their lunch hour, or calling to check in with a current customer. For example while walking down the hall to your next meeting, stop and visit a department to say, “I was in the area and just wanted to stop by and say hi. Is there anything I can do for you today?” This simple message can start a conversation that could lead to beneficial outcomes. As you practice saying hello, focus on the interaction with the individual and how the communication between you both could lead to a powerful, professional connection. Within the workplace alone, a simple hello can create a culture where employees feel like a priority, which can go a long way in improving retention and job satisfaction.  

A personal story I’d like to share truly reflects the importance of a casual hello and how it led to an excellent business opportunity. One afternoon, I thought of an individual I had worked with in the past and decided to give him a call to say hello as it had been awhile since we last spoke. I communicated that I knew I had caught him off guard, but just wanted to say hi. It turned out the individual had the time and wanted to continue the conversation further. As we caught up, we ended up talking about his new endeavors, and by the end of the call, he had awarded my company his business. This simple hello led to an opportunity that was not even the intent of the call. 

Envision yourself doing this same thing. The power and the results you can achieve from a casual hello can truly open new avenues for you. Moving forward, take the time to stop by to visit a department, or by the front desk, or speak with a manager you’ve never met before. Through a casual hello and informal interaction, you can build strong relationships that not only can boost company morale and business, but can also lead to many rewarding opportunities. 

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