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Recruiting Strong Leaders

By: Sheldon Cash, HHS Executive Vice President of Talent Acquisition & Development For companies, it’s important to create a strong recruiting strategy to engage and retain individuals before a need exists. This can be a challenge, especially during... …more


Professional Housekeeping for an Improved Guest Experience

By: Danny Bradford, President of Resorts & Hospitality  The cold, hard truth is that housekeeping is normally an afterthought in the resort and hospitality industry. Leadership tends to focus more on revenue-driving factors such as sales generation... …more


Making Regulatory Compliance Accessible

By Gary Rizzato, HHS Vice President of Integrated Facilities Management Regulatory mandates regarding life safety standards and the environment of care are crucial to healthcare facilities receiving accreditation. The standards set forth are the basis... …more


How Patient Sitters are Adding Value to Healthcare

The healthcare industry is home to a wide-array of occupations, all serving crucial roles in the health, safety, and well-being of patients. “One important position...that didn’t commonly exist 20 years ago is that of the patient sitter,” notes ... …more


A Culture of Health Designed for Team Members

By Bobby Floyd, HHS COO   Companies often find it challenging to cultivate an environment that encourages work-life balance, however, there are many ways for organizations to support healthy lifestyles for their teams. Through the development of a... …more


Dedication to a Job Means More Than Just Tenure

When pension plans were popular and tenure was key to professional success, it was not uncommon for people to devote their entire work life to one company. In fact, in a recent poll by The Associated Press it was found that 40% of Americans age 50 and... …more


The Gift of Giving Back — How Businesses Can Heighten the Spread of Generosity

Some of the largest, most well known organizations in the world are recognized not only for their dominance in the market, but also for their charitable contributions and efforts to give back to the communities they serve. In 2015, the 20 Most... …more


Building a Strong Cornerstone of Company Culture

By Joe Terry, HHS CEO  As individuals in the workforce, we typically spend more hours of the day with our colleagues than we do with our own families. Because our lives are very much intertwined with our careers, it’s important to be in a job that... …more


Importance of Practicing Gratitude as a Business Leader

As the holiday season quickly approaches, you’re likely to begin seeing and hearing messages of thankfulness and gratitude on TV, radio, social media, and throughout emails and company messages. After a while it can start to feel cliché and may even... …more


Patient Transport — A Small Department Making a Big Impact

Every year hospitals lose out on thousands of hours of valuable clinical time because clinicians are having to focus their attention away from their core competencies — so, what is the culprit? Most of the evidence collected points back to the lack... …more