The Gift of Giving Back — How Businesses Can Heighten the Spread of Generosity

Posted on December 20, 2017

Some of the largest, most well known organizations in the world are recognized not only for their dominance in the market, but also for their charitable contributions and efforts to give back to the communities they serve. In 2015, the 20 Most Generous Fortune 500 Companies provided over $3.5 billion in monetary donations to charities and nonprofits around the globe. In addition, these organizations also volunteer their time, further supporting local and international nonprofits and their causes. These companies know that their work extends far beyond just focusing on profit, and their efforts can truly make a meaningful impact on communities and the individuals they serve.

Undoubtedly, organizations, big and small, can learn a lot from these companies, because giving back has extensive benefits not only for business, but also for the community and employees. As we wave goodbye to another year, it’s an excellent time to assess how your business can boost its company-wide initiative to give back for the coming year. Giving back doesn’t have to mean opening your checkbook— businesses can give back in a multitude of ways that can make a meaningful difference.

Offer paid volunteer days where employees can spend the day giving back.

It’s important to not only provide exceptional service to your clients, but it is also imperative that your company provides that same level of care to the communities you serve. To further promote a culture of philanthropy, implement a volunteer program for your employees. As part of the initiative, include two or three days per year that team members can take off, fully-paid, to volunteer with the organizations they’re passionate about. This will encourage employees to positively impact their local community and boost their desire to volunteer.

HHS Austin Office volunteers during lunch hour at local soup kitchenSign up to volunteer as a team for an area nonprofit or organization.

Every month choose a local nonprofit to contribute to as a company. You can collect supplies during the beginning of the school year, wrap presents and collect gifts during the holiday season, or gather a group of team members to volunteer at a soup kitchen during the lunch hour. Even hosting a company blood drive serves as a great way to help support a cause that can change the lives of those in need. These efforts can bring individuals from different departments together to build strong camaraderie and inspire more participation from others within the company.

Give back to those in your own company during their time of need.

Individuals within your own organization may need assistance during trying times, whether that is because of unforeseen issues, sudden health problems, or natural disasters. Caring for team members shows the strong support and appreciation the organization has for their hard working employees. At HHS, we developed the HHS CareFUND, a fully team member supported fund that helps provide financial assistance to those experiencing difficult times. This encourages team members to help support their fellow colleagues across the company.

As you put forth a new passion and desire to grow your philanthropic efforts, you will see that this mission will not be in vain. It's worth will be recognized and leave a lasting impression. From hosting regular company volunteer opportunities to giving back to your own team members, you can create a greater sense of compassion and service across the company and throughout the community. As you turn the calendar page, how will your organization spread the gift of giving back? 

Volunteers wrap gifts for Travis County Sheriff's Department Brown Santa Program.


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