Introducing FlavorPort: Your Flavor Destination

Discovering creative ways to incorporate local flavors into our cafes and retail spaces is a foundational aspect of HHS’ culinary mission. That’s why we created FlavorPort, a new culinary program that draws from global cuisine.


Our talented chefs put love and attention into the details of our culinary programs. With FlavorPort, we’re able to transform healthcare retail spaces into an engaging environment that offers a street-food-style dining experience.

The concept provides guests access to unique dishes from all around the world created using fresh, housemade ingredients. It’s a great culinary experience — something completely different than hospital staff and guests are used to — but also an opportunity for people to try something new.

shrimp tacos_in hand_southwest-02

How Does It Work?

Each week, we’ll invite customers to join us at FlavorPort docks in our cafe and retail spaces to enjoy new flavors from around the world. Complete with branding, signage, and uniforms, the concept gets team members and guests engaged and excited about what’s on the menu.

“FlavorPort is an opportunity for us to bring flavorful, tasty, and exciting foods to our customers. This is the same experience that they would get if they visited a food truck outside of the hospital,” - says Karl Sukley, Vice President of Culinary Operations at HHS.

Some of the FlavorPort concepts include:

Southwest — a fusion of Mexican cuisine and tastes from the Southwestern United States.

Pizzacana  — more than just pizza, it features tasty, handheld twists on Italian classics.

Famous Franks — both classic combinations and totally customizable hot dog options.

FareFest — taking customers on a nostalgic food journey reminiscent of the fairs and carnivals they attended as kids.

Not only does FlavorPort present great dishes with unique flavors and taste memories, but it also creates a one-of-a-kind experience where customers feel welcomed, well-taken care of, and good about what they’re consuming.

The unique concept helps hospitals increase traffic to their cafe, drive retail sales, and get more engaged with their community.

short rib cojita sliders_individual_pizzacana-01caesar salad cone_individual_pizzacana-03

As Corporate Executive Chef Peter Tsang summed it up, “FlavorPort has transformed our cafe into something it hasn’t been before. It’s helped take our customers to another destination.”

pizzacana_food line-03