HHS Introduces UltiPro as New Human Capital Management Software

Posted on February 01, 2017

ultiproHere at HHS we are always working to improve our processes and practices to enhance the services we provide our customers and to make our team members’ jobs as efficient as possible. One of the most important things we can do as a company is to give time back to our directors so that they can spend more time working with our frontline team members to provide the highest level of service possible. 

On January 1st of this year, HHS launched our new human capital management (HCM) system, UltiPro, with the goal of streamlining our processes. UltiPro, a cloud-based platform that is easily accessible by desktop computer or mobile app, now handles a wide variety of HHS’ internal HR functions. One of the great benefits of UltiPro is that it offers a ‘self-service’ feature for hourly team members to make changes to their personal information as needed. HHS team members will be able to utilize team member kiosks located in every partner facility to make the following changes:

  • Legal name changes
  • Address and telephone updates
  • Emergency contact changes
  • W-4 changes
  • Care Fund contribution changes
  • Direct deposit changes
  • Viewing paycheck statements

This is a great time-saving measure for our managers, who previously made these changes on behalf of their team members. Putting the tools into the hands of the hourly team members leaves managers with more time to focus on management rounding, coaching, training and further assisting their teams and the facilities they serve.  

In addition to the self-service features, managers will use UltiPro for making the following types of employee data changes:

  • Hires and rehire
  • Terminations
  • Job and salary change
  • Team member transfers

Moving these HR functions to UltiPro is only the first step, with additional changes to come to the platform in the future. One of the great advantages of this system is the ability to expand upon and customize the basic functions to create a platform that will better serve our company. The next step in the expansion of UltiPro is the implementation of development plans that will be easily accessible by hourly team members interested in advancing their careers. These road maps to advancement will provide team members with a clear path to move into leadership positions within the company and will be available in UltiPro by the end of the first quarter of 2017.

Providing our hourly team members with the tools to make their own changes to their personal information will streamline our practices and put time back into the hands of our on-site managers, improving the service that we provide to our partners.


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