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Finding Efficiency and Transparency with Construction Management

By Gary Rizzato, AIA, CHFM, Vice President of Operations

Construction projects should no longer be held up because of lack of transparency or outdated technology, nor should there be multiple individuals that need to be wrangled to answer a question. Customers should have a clear view of where their construction projects stand, but many are still not receiving this dedication from their construction management team.

I’ve been on the customer side of a project, and it can definitely be overwhelming without the proper communication. When issues needed to be resolved, I had to sift through contacts and blast out emails to find a simple solution. Without transparency and technology programs, delays aren’t realized until the team gets together to access the project. However, there's no reason this should be the case anymore; the construction industry has a number of technology tools and methods that ensure nothing is lost in translation. 

As I transitioned to the role of Vice President of Operations and Construction Management at HHS, I began to think of ways we could improve the construction management process to better support our customers. Here are a few key takeaways that’ll assist you in finding the right management team that will help you stay on top of your project from day one.

Find a Vendor with a Single Point of Contact Model

Dealing with multiple points of contact is a struggle during projects. A simple question could take a few steps and calls before an answer is found. Based on my own experiences with this type of challenge, I wanted to make communication easier for our customers. That’s why One-Source Project Managementwas created for all of HHS’ construction management services. This entails having a single point of contact for every detail of the project—from procurement and financials to delays, issues, and more. This individual serves as the liaison for the whole project, providing efficiency for the end customer throughout the entirety of the project. This approach ensures that nothing gets lost in translation since you know exactly who you are working with and who you can contact at anytime.

Utilize Visual Tools for Real Transparency

Visual tools offer the ability to see a full construction project in real time, making it easier to note where you are on the timeline or if there are any delays. It’s key to look for providers that offer these tools, particularly Gantt charts, a type of bar chart that illustrates a project's schedule. With the proper technology Gantt charts can easily be deciphered and show real-time data on the relationships between activities and current schedule status. This keeps you aware of last minute delays or circumstances that might affect the project end date. Full 24/7 transparency is crucial.

Combining a single point of contact model with technology components ensures efficiency and transparency throughout your entire construction project—from the ground up.  Focusing on these two key items will help you find a construction management team that supports your needs. 

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