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Three Questions to Help Resorts Find a True Support Service Partner

Successful partnerships depend on creating the perfect blend of brand standards, customer service culture, and business partner support. This trifecta is at the core of effective collaboration and proves to be a huge contributor to achieving full transparency and a strong relationship between both parties. Resorts seeking a new support service company should ensure that the partner they choose is able to support this perfect blend. When sifting through proposals and listening to sales presentations, utilize these three key questions as a foundation for determining whether or not a support service company will be an ideal fit for the company culture and overall success.

Does the company set a positive tone prior to developing partnership?

Partnerships begin months in advance, even before a final contract is signed. This time—when proposals are being sent and meetings set up—serves as an opportunity to view what support service organizations offer and whether they will be able to develop programs that best fit the needs of their potential business partner and the team members. An organization whose goal is to provide a full partnership will use this critical time period to better understand the goals and needs of the resort requesting the proposal. The information provided in sales documents and presentations should detail specifically how the organization will fit into the core values of the company and whether or not they will be able to strategically develop programs that will seamlessly blend into the resort’s current operational procedures. This detail should not just be a general overview, but rather a comprehensive plan for the partnership. When a support service organization spends diligent time focused on best serving the needs of their potential partner even throughout the sales process, it will show their commitment to a successful partnership.

How will they act as a part of the overall team?

AD Rounding with Hotel Staff-4The issue with many support service organizations is that they come in and do their job without truly integrating with the resort team. Although they may be achieving their own goals, they are not making it a priority to focus on incorporating their partner’s goals as their own. An organization that makes it a priority from the beginning to understand the resort’s goals (quality, internal/ external guest satisfaction scores, productivity, and service culture) will prove to be vital in the overall success of the partnership. A true partner will look for and discuss ways that they can be part of the team, collaborate and contribute to the fullest.  Whether they ask to attend regular business meetings, or come up with ways to work alongside other departments to best support the resort’s needs, this will show their commitment to developing a partnership that doesn’t work separately, but works together to achieve mutual goals. This is the true essence of customer service.

What steps will they use to implement a culture-minded environment?

Finding a support service organization that ensures the resort’s culture is embedded in their teams’ day-to-day routine will achieve a team oriented, culture-minded environment of support. This can be determined during the proposal and sales process, when an organization presents a systematic approach to achieve the same quality, productivity, guest satisfaction, and employee engagement goals as the resort. They must take this matter seriously, presenting trainings and programs developed around the resort’s culture, while guaranteeing that their leaders will be equipped to provide all the steps necessary to provide a seamless integration focused on providing a full presence and supportive business partnership.


Asking these three questions when evaluating proposals and presentations can move along the review process more efficiently and help the decision makers to reach a conclusion, as they pinpoint support service organizations that offer the perfect blend of brand standards, customer service culture, and business partner support. When all is said and done, the resort will be left with the support service organizations whose main focus is providing the best support to their partner to achieve goals together.

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