The Key to Maintaining Organizational Success

There are many important factors that go into building and maintaining a successful organization, such as developing a strong business plan and creating long lasting and beneficial partnerships. But ultimately, the success of any organization lies in its people. In order to grow and succeed, organizations must find, recruit, and support a quality-driven workforce that will uphold the company’s mission, vision, and values. While this may seem like an obvious prerequisite to success, there are many factors to consider when seeking out new employees. HHS CEO Joe Terry, COO Brian Weed, and CEO of the Healthcare Division Bobby Floyd discuss how they focus on finding the right people to help create an environment of growth and ultimately provide forward momentum for the organization.

shutterstock_112412093“If you look at all the largest, most successful companies, one thing they have in common and that has made them so successful is their people,” comments Terry. “It’s the people that buy in and are committed to company values which creates a culture that makes others want to join that team. If you go to an organization and the people truly encompass the company culture, you will walk away saying, ‘Wow, I really understand and want to be a part of or do business with that company,’ and that’s what every organization should strive toward.”

Weed adds, “When we think of what makes HHS successful, it is the people—they are the backbone of our organization. The people out in the field deliver our message and represent our organization daily, and that’s why our focus should be on developing, educating, and supporting them.”

Finding the right people starts at the recruiting stage and is something that should continuously be nurtured. In order to build an employee base that will support the needs of the organization, companies must be selective during the hiring process. Terry explains, “I think that you should treat your organization like a private club. It should be difficult to join that elite group. Taking that mentality, leaders should aim to have high standards for the individuals they bring into the organization. When you bring in people who represent the values and standards of the organization, those high standards will continue to be achieved and maintained throughout the company.

Finding the right people for an organization leads to a mutually beneficial partnership, where the company finds success and employees are empowered to develop professionally.

“It’s important to look for people who have an attitude of self-development. Whether that person looks for mentorship opportunities, reads articles and literature to expand their knowledge base, or pursues ongoing education, they are taking time to improve themselves and while doing so, it helps build the organization,” shares Floyd.

Organizations can support those driven individuals by providing development opportunities through ongoing trainings, career path plans, and mentorship with senior leaders. Supporting employees throughout their career ensures that as the company continues to grow, they will have strong group of great leaders that will help propel the organization forward.

People are the driving factor behind an organization and play a significant role in the big picture.

Weed states, “Looking at [HHS], we grew from referral business. That referral business has been because of our people, our managers, and our leadership, and their ability to guarantee our partners are being provided with a quality product every day. If we are doing right with the people we hire and the quality we provide, then partners will take us with them and that equates to growth.”

In stages of high growth, it can be tempting for organizations to quickly fill open positions. But by taking the time to truly consider candidates and being thoughtful throughout the hiring process, as well as supporting those employees throughout their career, organizations will ensure an environment of success.

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