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How Contracting Benefits Hospitals

By Bobby Floyd, CEO, Healthcare Division Over the recent years, contracting has become an increasingly popular trend as the healthcare industry pushes to improve the quality of patient care and alleviate costs and expenditures.  It’s important to... …more


Reducing Our Environmental Impact through Better Utilization of Linen

At HHS, we understand that the earth’s resources are a precious commodity and by reducing our environmental impact, we can help make a difference in protecting the resources we have left.  In honor of Earth Day and National Laundry and Linen Week,... …more


HHS' ThreadCount Technology Helps Cut Linen Management Costs and Streamline Processes

  At HHS, we understand that you can’t manage what you don’t measure, and in healthcare, measurement is critical to efficiency. Hospitals can ill afford to waste valuable resources, and linen processing costs are often a source of headaches for... …more


Reducing Hospital Costs through Effective Management of Linen

With the ever-increasing operating costs associated with 21st century healthcare, searching for cost savings opportunities is at the top of many hospital administrators to-do lists. While it may not be an option that comes to mind for many, one place... …more


2016: Looking Ahead with COO Bobby Floyd

For many of us, January is time for setting resolutions and goals for the year to come, and here at HHS we are no different. We’ve got big plans and we’re sure that this is going to be a fantastic year. To get a better picture of what’s coming up, we... …more


Support Services: Doing More with Less

by Garth Weidmann Today’s current healthcare delivery landscape demands that hospital support service operators do more with less; otherwise hospitals will face significant financial consequences. As the industry is evolving to keep up with rapid... …more


How hospitals can have a strong impact on decreasing ED hold hours

David Kraeger, President of Patient Flow, discusses how the relationship between the Patient Transport and Environmental Services department can help decrease Emergency Department hold hours, a factor the Joint Commission evaluates. …more