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Making Regulatory Compliance Accessible

By Gary Rizzato, HHS Vice President of Integrated Facilities Management Regulatory mandates regarding life safety standards and the environment of care are crucial to healthcare facilities receiving accreditation. The standards set forth are the basis... …more


How Contracting Benefits Hospitals

By Bobby Floyd, CEO, Healthcare Division Over the recent years, contracting has become an increasingly popular trend as the healthcare industry pushes to improve the quality of patient care and alleviate costs and expenditures.  It’s important to... …more


Creative Ideas for Celebrating National Healthcare Facilities and Engineering Week

It’s National Healthcare Facilities and Engineering Week (Oct. 23-29), and we’ve reached out to one of our Vice Presidents of Integrated Facilities Management, Gary Rizzato, for the inside scoop on how our teams will be celebrating. …more


Recognition Events Provide a Great Opportunity to Celebrate Team Members and Promote a Positive Working Environment

Team Member recognition is a vital component to any successful management program, no matter the service or industry, but it is even more important in healthcare. Team members who spend their days serving patients in hospitals and supporting the... …more


Five Enhanced Benefits of Healthcare Facilities Management Services

By Paul Torres, President of Integrated Facilities Management Within healthcare, approximately 1/3 of all hospitals have negative operating margins; budgets are tight to say the least. Hospital administrators are looking to other areas to reduce waste... …more


Sustainability in Healthcare Support Services

In honor of Earth Day, we'd like to share some of the green initiatives we use to support the sustainability efforts of the healthcare partners we serve. By way of these tools, systems, policies and programs, we help our partners meet their... …more


2016: Looking Ahead with COO Bobby Floyd

For many of us, January is time for setting resolutions and goals for the year to come, and here at HHS we are no different. We’ve got big plans and we’re sure that this is going to be a fantastic year. To get a better picture of what’s coming up, we... …more


The Critical Role of Support Service Associates in the Hospital

by Leslie Carey Amidst the ever-changing healthcare landscape, hospital leaders continue to seek opportunities to reduce costs and simultaneously improve patient care, outcomes and satisfaction. My Registered Nurse colleagues across the nation are... …more