Sustainability in Healthcare Support Services

Posted on April 27, 2016

In honor of Earth Day, we'd like to share some of the green initiatives we use to support the sustainability efforts of the healthcare partners we serve. By way of these tools, systems, policies and programs, we help our partners meet their sustainability goals and lessen the negative impact they -- and we, as their partner -- have on the local environment. Here are just some of the ways we practice sustainability and environmental stewardship across the HHS family of services:hospital cleaning

  • We've integrated digital interfaces and electronic tracking and reporting tools across all service lines, which reduce
    paper waste and streamline processes
  • Our Environmental Services (EVS) teams use microfiber mops and cloths for cleaning to conserve water and reduce the instance of HAIs
  • A cloud-based food management system has been integrated into our culinary partnerships to reduce food waste while saving time
  • We offer a line of green-certified cleaning chemicals as an option to our partners to help protect our local natural resources
  • An integrated waste stream program is used in our EVS and Integrated Facilities Management (IFM) partnerships to reduce landfill waste and improve recycling efforts
  • We source local ingredients for culinary partnerships whenever possible to ensure freshness and reduce our carbon footprint from unnecessary transportation
  • We strive to work with food suppliers that aim to follow guidelines set forth by The 5-Step Animal Welfare Rating Program and the Monterey Bay Seafood Watch
  • Our team members receive extensive training on green practices, such as proper dilution of chemicals, which saves water, resources and costs
  • Our Red Can Anne program provides training for hospital staff on proper disposal of medical waste to reduce 'red bag waste' where possible while increasing recycling efforts

New Technologies for Waste Reduction

HHS has developed fully digital interfaces for many of our operational and reporting materials, allowing us to use less paper as a company, leading to less waste added to local landfills. Some of these new technologies to reduce paper waste include:

  • Electronic messaging boards (EMBs) replace clipboards and printed materials with weekly updates on safety tips, company news and reports, holidays, birthdays, weather reports, and more
  • Team Member Kiosks provide a digital platform for onboarding, in-service training and retraining for team members, replacing written exams led by managers and trainers
  • Monthly training packs for leadership are shared via HHSU, our online training platform, rather than using printed materials for trainings
  • A cloud-based IQ System automates quality assurance tracking and reporting, replacing hand-recorded paper systems
  • Online ordering systems and cloud-based supply chain management tools have been supplemented for manual ordering processes

As a result of these new practices, we have reduced our paper usage for administrative reporting by more than 90%. 

While we've take great strides to reduce the impact we have on the environmental, there is always more room for improvement. It's our goal as an organization to seek out new opportunities for preserving our resources and continuously develop new technologies to reduce waste while saving time and resources.

For more information about our approach to service, please contact us.