Serve Your Community to Connect to Your Company's Purpose

When a company relocates to a new community or expands service or partnership areas, it provides an opportunity to reevaluate involvement in the local community. There are countless opportunities for companies to serve their community, and considering how the company can best utilize resources and connect philanthropy back to their mission will ensure that the support provided is both effective and meaningful. With so many ways to give back, it’s important to choose charitable activities that meet the goals of your company, your employees, and your community.

community cleanup-cropped-01-1Look for opportunities that align with your company values.

To find an organization or event that is a good fit with your business, first look to your company values. There are many organizations that are in need of help and deserving of support, but if they don’t align with the mission, vision, and values of your company, they may not be the best option. Finding opportunities that are in line with the principles of your company will help to reinforce those values to your employee base, and will also help your community to better understand what you stand for as a company.  

Look for opportunities that allow employees to use their skill set.

No matter what industry you are in, your employee base has skills that can be of value to others in your community. Culinary teams can cater a charity event, engineers or architects can provide valuable insight for low-income housing projects or in the aftermath of natural disasters, IT teams can assist with internet connectivity in underserved areas, and tax assessors can provide free tax preparation. Supporting your employees to use those skills to serve their community will help employees connect greater purpose to their everyday work.

Seek out activities that are bring value to your partners, customers, and community.

In many areas, there are a few big charity events throughout the year that bring together members from all areas of the community. This may be a large charity gala, a run or walk to raise awareness, or any other type of event that raises money for a cause or benefits those in need. Take the time to research your community’s events to ensure that you are aware of what’s coming up so you can take part. And taking the time to connect your activities with the values and purpose of your partners or customers will demonstrate that you appreciate and respect what is important to them. For companies that partner with healthcare facilities, for example, there are ample opportunities to provide support for events and organizations that directly impact the patients, staff, and community surrounding the hospital.  

Encourage teams and individuals to seek out opportunities to give back.

While companywide initiatives for philanthropy are important, it is also beneficial to support employees to come up with their own ways to support their community on a group or individual basis. Especially for companies that are spread out across multiple locations, empowering local teams to find opportunities to support their community can lead to positive and commendable outcomes. Teams may pull together to support those affected by natural disaster, raise funds to support a specific cause that they feel passionate about, organize a holiday gift-giving drive, or even create their own, new way of giving back. Supporting teams and individuals to come up with creative ideas for giving back will help them to connect better with their community, and will lead to greater local support.

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