Recruiting Strong Leaders

Posted on March 14, 2018

shutterstock_620556455.jpgBy: Sheldon Cash, HHS Executive Vice President of Talent Acquisition & Development

For companies, it’s important to create a strong recruiting strategy to engage and retain individuals before a need exists. This can be a challenge, especially during growth cycles or times of high turnover. But, by proactively anticipating recruiting demands, companies can establish a strong pipeline of well-equipped, highly engaged individuals that are ready to come on board when needed. This can be achieved in two ways, by developing leaders internally and attracting talent externally. Here are some of the best tips for securing motivated and qualified candidates.

Developing Leaders Internally

Team members are a company’s biggest strength. When it comes to developing leaders internally, it’s important to know what qualities to look for and how to grow those individuals. The right person will not only have relevant job skills, but will also be a natural leader who is able to build positive relationships. Leadership skills are essential to look for when promoting from within. It’s not enough for a team member to be the best at what they do. To be successful in management they also have to be motivated to inspire others.

As employers, equipping team members with the tools they need to succeed starts at orientation. A strong orientation programs includes components such as consistent training, career path plans, and supervisor mentoring. It’s paramount that team members get the support they need to take on the responsibilities of the position and advance in their career. This is a true investment of time on behalf of the leadership team, but will bring value to the organization. Mentoring individuals teaches strong skills and shows the support of their management and leadership. Not only does this leave a lasting impression, but it also inspires team members to continue to strive for professional growth.

Recruiting Leaders Externally

Sifting through resumes and conducting interviews is only part of external recruitment. Managers should always be on the lookout for potential team members. Qualities to look for depend on the organization and its goals, but identifying individuals who are able to positively communicate with people at all levels, handle pressure while remaining calm, and show initiative are just a few attributes to seek.

Additionally, it’s vital to nourish the relationship with a potential candidate throughout the recruiting process. Recruitment is not a one way operation, organizations also need to prove why they are a good fit for the individual. Staying engaged and communicating continuously during the hiring process will show the candidate that the company is making an investment in them. This will help secure a talent pool of highly qualified individuals.

As the industry continues to change, having recruitment strategies in place will help ease the pressure when there is a need to fill positions. Incorporating these tips can help to source promising candidates.

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Sheldon Cash serves as the Executive Vice President of Talent Acquisition & Development at HHS. In this role, Cash strategizes ongoing efforts to find highly qualified leaders and future executives for the entire organization. He has extensive experience in operations and served in the United States Air Force for 13 years prior to joining HHS in 2008. Cash earned a Bachelor of Arts in Management from Webster University.