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Harnessing Technology to Form Better Partnerships

By Bruce Moore, HHS President of Information Systems Data-driven technology has advanced considerably throughout the years. In the past where systems would take multiple months or even years to perfect, today, companies are able to offer technology... …more


Modern Approach to Diversity in the Workplace

Diversity in the workplace has a much more heterogeneous definition than many give it credit. Beyond ethnic, cultural, gender, and age differences, diversity also encompasses the talents, ideas, and perspectives that each individual brings to an... …more


How Registered Dietitians are Lowering Readmission Rates

By Elizabeth Horton, RDN, HHS Corporate Dietitian Statistics show that at the time of admission, 20 to 50 percent of all patients are at risk for malnourishment or are malnourished, and up to 31 percent of these malnourished patients experience... …more


Preparing for Peak Season–What Resorts and Timeshares Should Know

By Danny Bradford, HHS President of Resorts & Hospitality  Whether you operate a resort on white sand beaches, or a timeshare nestled in a pine-covered mountainside, it’s crucial to be prepared to handle the influx of guests when peak season arrives.... …more


Exceptional Customer Service Starts from Within

Customer service—it’s a huge topic in the world of business and is often the focal point of trainings and company-wide initiatives. It is so important that several large organizations actually have the term embedded within their mission statements.... …more


Four Tactics for Securing a Quality Workforce in Senior Living

By Kevin Svagdis, HHS President of Senior Living Building a career in the senior living industry is one of the best kept secrets for a robust and rewarding professional life. However, the lack of exposure and the negative image people have associated... …more


Questions—The Most Powerful Tool for Uncovering Value in the Workplace

Questions are a powerful tool for uncovering value and for seeking understanding. Their special capabilities not only influence the quality of a conversation, but also help build relationships. In the workplace, asking questions helps achieve two... …more


Developing a Collaborative Rounding Plan

By: Lyndsey Deano, Executive Director of Experience Quality The success of a healthcare facility hinges on the quality of the relationships built between departments. Establishing strong, collaborative rounding plans provides an opportunity for... …more


Improve the Agility and Impact of Your Company with Faculty Teams

By: Chris P. Pearce, Ph.D. Faculties are usually associated with the education sector, but they can be useful in the business world too. By utilizing well-chosen committees of operational subject-matter experts, or faculty teams, companies can quickly... …more


Recruiting Strong Leaders

By: Sheldon Cash, HHS Executive Vice President of Talent Acquisition & Development For companies, it’s important to create a strong recruiting strategy to engage and retain individuals before a need exists. This can be a challenge, especially during... …more