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The Secret to a Crisply Folded Fitted Sheet

Folding a fitted sheet can be somewhat intimidating, causing many of us to skip folding altogether and instead wadding it up in a ball and throwing it in the linen closet. While we definitely don’t blame you, we are here to tell you that folding a fitted sheet is pretty simple once you get the hang of it, and after a few attempts it will become second nature. Plus, by learning to fold a fitted sheet correctly, you’ll be able to save more storage space, and you’ll hold the key to a trick that many people struggle with doing. 

shutterstock_1015053085Steps for Folding a Fitted Sheet

Drape the fitted sheet over your hands

Begin by making sure your sheet is inside out with the elastic side facing your body. Place your hands in the two corners on the long side of the sheet that is closest to your body.

Fold and tuck the fitted sheet

Bring your palms together, folding the right corner over the left one. Switch hands, putting your right hand into the newly made corner and using your left hand to run down the edge of the sheet, straightening out the seams so they line up.

Repeat the process again

Put both hands back in each of the corners that have been folded. Bring your palms back together and fold the right corner over the left. Straighten out the right side, then move your right hand into the corner and straighten out the other edge with your left hand.

Both hands will be at each corner of the fitted sheet again. Bring your palms back together, and fold the right corner over the left one. Straighten out the right side. Then move your right hand into the corner and straighten out the edge with your left hand again.

Use a flat surface to finish folding

Drape the fitted sheet corners over your hands again so that a rectangle is formed. Lay the sheet down on a flat surface with the edges facing up. Fold the sheet into thirds lengthwise, folding down the top half, then folding up the bottom half. Once this is complete the sheet should be in a long rectangular shape and will need to be folded into thirds again. First fold in the left side halfway, then the right side. Now step back and admire your beautifully folded fitted sheet.