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Replacing Caulking in Your Shower or Bathtub

When old caulking begins to chip and peel around your tub or shower, your home becomes susceptible to mold and mildew. Additionally, the constant water exposure can ruin floorboards and interior walls. If you notice that your caulking is beginning to... …more


How to Make Sure Your Forced-Air Heating System is Working Before Winter Arrives

As winter slowly makes its way into your region, you’ll want to practice routine maintenance on your forced-air heating system to ensure it is ready to take on the cold, blustery nights. A forced-air system is comprised of a furnace or heat pump that... …more


How to Flush Sediment out of a Water Heater Tank

It is the reason we get to have hot showers in the morning. It also helps heat water when we wash dishes. It has a big responsibility in the household, but is often forgotten. Water heaters consume almost 20 percent of the household heating budget.... …more


Quick and Easy Tips for Removing Grime from Window Tracks

With fall knocking on the door, it is the perfect time to turn off the AC and open the windows to let the cool, crisp autumn breeze make its way through your home. As you reach down to unlatch the window pane, you may notice that the dirt and grime... …more


Remove Bathroom Mold Without Toxic Chemicals

The moisture and humidity in your bathroom makes an ideal place for mold to grow and flourish. Not only is mold unsightly, but in severe cases it can also lead to health issues. Luckily, you can battle mold with inexpensive, household products. Here... …more


Properly Disinfecting Your Electronics

This may or may not surprise you, but your cell phone, computer, and tablet are actually some of the dirtiest surfaces in your home. Our electronics go with us everywhere, and occasionally we take for granted the importance of cleaning these items... …more


Laundry 101: Tips for Cleaning Out the Washer

Contrary to popular belief, the washing machine is not a self-cleaning mechanism. Laundry detergent and hard water minerals commonly build up in the nooks of the drum and cause a foul odor. Mold and mildew also contribute to the smell that may be... …more


Checking Your Air Conditioning Unit for Proper Functioning

Avoid getting caught in the heat this summer by maintaining your home’s air conditioning unit. New or old, every air conditioner performs its best when properly managed. Knowing how to identify leaky ductwork, dirty coils, and many more issues that... …more


Easy Steps for Cleaning Your Garbage Disposal

The garbage disposal is a useful kitchen tool that helps break up food particles and move them down the drain to prevent unwanted clogs. Occasionally, not all the remnants of food get processed completely, causing buildup that leaves a lingering odor.... …more


How to Clean Your Vacuum so it Can Clean Better

Over time your vacuum can begin to smell musty, leaving a lingering odor even after you have cleaned the floors. This is a sign that it is time to do basic maintenance and clean out your vacuum cleaner. To know where to begin, it’s best to check your... …more