Home Cleaning Tips

Simple Mopping Tips

Mopping is one of those chores that you either love or hate. But no matter how you feel about this cleaning activity, you can get it done in a timely, efficient manner by following a few simple tips. Our HHS housekeeping experts weighed in on the subject, providing helpful tricks to make mopping your home a breeze.

If you still use a traditional mop, consider upgrading to microfiber. Microfiber mops hold dust, dirt, and liquid better than traditional mops. The fibers also attract more dirt and grime and are able to remove over 99 percent of the bacteria they come in contact with while cleaning. 

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  • Tools Needed

        • Clean microfiber mop head
        • Micro mop tool
        • Warm water 
        • Floor cleaner (based on type of floor)
  • Procedure

      • Center the mop head onto the mop tool
      • Following the manufacturer’s recommendation, use the warm water and floor cleaner to wet the mop head or floor
      • Start at the back of the room, working your way towards the door
      • Mop under and behind furniture, moving furniture as needed 
      • Use the figure eight motion to ensure you don’t miss any spots, plus it is easier on your body
      • Flip the mop head vertically to clean corners and baseboards
      • Allow the area to dry before returning furniture back to its proper position