Living Well


Fun Ways to Incorporate Pumpkin in your Diet

By Lauren Banks, R.D. Fall is here and that means pumpkins are everywhere! It’s no surprise that pumpkins—a bright-colored winter squash—have some great nutrients, but did you know that pumpkin even has some protein? There’s about 1.16 grams of... …more


Easy, Efficient Way to Deep Clean Tile

Tile flooring is known for its durability and easy maintenance. Whether you have ceramic, natural, or porcelain tile, it’s best practice to regularly sweep and mop to prevent damage to the grout and sheen. While some may want to use bleach or other... …more


Caramel Apple Crostata

Warm cinnamon, spicy nutmeg, vibrant orange, and sweet, syrupy maple—there is nothing quite like the flavors of fall. Paired with zesty apples and woody bourbon, it makes for a melting pot of seasonal tastes that fill the senses with cozy, comforting... …more


How to Flush Sediment out of a Water Heater Tank

It is the reason we get to have hot showers in the morning. It also helps heat water when we wash dishes. It has a big responsibility in the household, but is often forgotten. Water heaters consume almost 20 percent of the household heating budget.... …more


Three Delicious Takes on Cast Iron Pizza

Whether you’re a meat lover or vegetarian, there is one food that can always be customized to fit your dietary needs—pizza. It’s a staple at parties, game day celebrations, and sleepovers, and is oftentimes a last resort when dinner plans go awry.... …more


Coriander-Mint Rubbed Lamb

Many people regularly cook chicken, pork, or beef dishes at home, but venturing out to other meats may be outside your comfort zone. But in reality, cooking other types of meats can be just as straightforward and simple as what you are used to, if you... …more


Quick and Easy Tips for Removing Grime from Window Tracks

With fall knocking on the door, it is the perfect time to turn off the AC and open the windows to let the cool, crisp autumn breeze make its way through your home. As you reach down to unlatch the window pane, you may notice that the dirt and grime... …more


Lemon: The Fresh and Zesty, Multipurpose Citrus Fruit

By Lauren Banks, R.D. Lemons are widely known and used in many types of cuisines throughout the world. But did you know they are the result of crossbreeding citron, one of the original citrus fruits, with lime and other unidentified fruit species?  ... …more


Coffee Shop Quality Joe at Home

Coffee—whether it powers your mornings, gets you through the mid-afternoon slump, or is your evening time pick-me-up, a good cup of joe can go a long way. The next time you find yourself needing a boost of energy, don’t wait in line at the coffee... …more


Delectable Chicken Pad Thai

Pad thai is all about balance—a perfect combination of sweet, sour, and salty mixed with a little spice—that enhances every sense of the flavor palate. This dish is not only known for its vibrantly rich characterizations of tastes, but also its soft,... …more