Winter is Coming — How to Prepare Your Pipes Before the First Cold Snap

As the blustery winter season rolls in, along with it comes the possibility of snow, sleet, and ice, which means it is time to pull out the winter coats, make a nice warm fire, and bring animals and plants inside. As you prepare to handle the freezing temperatures, it’s also important to keep in mind things you can do around the home to prevent a major maintenance disaster. As temperatures reach the freezing point, it can cause water pipes to freeze and burst, leading to a possibly disastrous scenario where gallons of water can come spewing into your home, potentially causing flooding and structural damage. To prevent this from happening, it’s important to follow a few easy but important steps to keep your water pipes safe during the winter months.

Cover outside faucets

  • Disconnect outdoor hoses and turn off the flow of water to outside faucets. Make sure all the water has been thoroughly drained. Then, cover the faucets with styrofoam insulation protectors. Styrofoam insulation kits can be purchased at your local hardware store.
  • To install the protector, you will wrap the plastic loop around the faucet, then place the styrofoam insulator over the spicket and pull the string to tighten and secure. Leave the insulation protector in place all winter.

Examine indoor pipes along exterior walls

  • Wrap exposed indoor metal pipes that are on an exterior wall with foam insulation sleeves. These pipes are usually found in laundry rooms, bathrooms, under kitchen sinks, and in garages.

Check local weather reports

  • If the weather report calls for a deep overnight freeze, allow your inside faucets to drip to prevent water build up in the pipes.