Save Time, Money, and Energy While Washing Clothes

Today’s household washing machines and detergents are designed to be efficient users of both water and energy. If your washing machine has a symbol with the letters “HE” displayed, you are using a high efficiency washing machine. High efficiency washing machines were designed to be quick and efficient— saving you time, money, and energy.

Here a few key things you need to know about HE washing machines:

Conserve water

Most newer models have weight sensors that help determine how much water will be needed for the load, resulting in less water usage.

Operate with less energy

HE washing machines use as little as 20 to 50 percent the amount of energy that traditional washers do because there’s much less water to heat.

Handle larger loads

Since HE washing machines do not have a central agitator they have a much larger capacity and can handle bigger loads than their traditional counterparts.

Require special detergent

HE washing machines require special laundry detergent that has an “HE” symbol displayed on the front. The recommended amount of detergent needed is about one tablespoon per average load, but always check the label for the best results.

Clean more efficiently

HE washing machines constantly move throughout the wash cycle, keeping clothes in motion resulting in a deeper clean.

Before using a high efficiency washing machine, read the operating instructions and labels to ensure the best results.