Remove the Hassle from Cleaning After a Party

people at a partyBirthdays, football parties, holiday gatherings, and so much more. Hosting parties can be a lot of fun, but cleaning up after them may not be. If you find yourself enjoying the party, but dreading the clean up, you’ll appreciate these 8 tips for making the cleaning process easy and smooth.

  1. Consider using disposable linens and tableware:
    -Serving platters
    As an added bonus, disposable table cloths can be used to roll up all trash on the table for quick and easy clean up.
  2. Place extra trash and recycling cans around the house for convenience for party goers.
  3. Have to-go containers on hand for guests to bring leftovers home with them.
  4. Clean dishes as you cook and put away all dishes before the party starts.
  5. If possible, host the party outside—no floors to sweep or spills to clean!
  6. Place walk off mats at all entrances to avoid dirty shoes on floors.
  7. Keep paper towels accessible for spills, and when you see a mess, spot clean it right away!
  8. Make periodic trash collection rounds throughout evening to keep up with cleaning.