Home Cleaning Tips

Home Cleaning Essentials You Need To Have On Hand

In our world today there is no shortage of products lining store shelves, especially when it comes to cleaning supplies. A quick trip to the cleaning section of your local superstore is apt to leave you scratching your head: Do you really need stainless steel scrubbing pads? What about a mildew and mold spray cleaner? If you bought into all of the cleaning products and supplies that are out there your cabinets would be overflowing with sprays and scrubbers. With so many options available, who's to say what actually works and what is worth your money?

As it turns out, though there are countless cleaning supplies on the market, there are actually very few that you need to create a fresh and clean home. The HHS Cleaning Committee, which advises HHS' EVS and housekeeping teams on industry best practices and recommended cleaning products, has cut through the noise to put together a list of the most important cleaning essentials that you need to have on hand at home. Stock your home with these 10 cleaning supplies and 10 cleaning products and you'll be ready to tackle any mess that comes your way.


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