Housekeeping Tips

Developing a Cleaning Strategy

When it comes to cleaning you may already have an action plan in place for getting the house spick and span, but some cleaning hacks might actually be spreading germs to other areas instead of removing the contaminants. Before you pick up your dustpan and cleaning supplies, here are simple ways to incorporate a cleaning strategy that’ll leave your home hygienically clean.

Clean one room at a time.

Moving between rooms spreads germs and causes cross contamination. To prevent this from happening, be sure to clean each room completely before moving onto the next.

Change cleaning supplies between rooms.

As you move to another area for cleaning, change your supplies out for new ones. This is especially important in regard to cloths and sponges that have been used on high-touch surfaces.

Keep a set of cleaning supplies in each area of the house.

Designate cleaning supplies in each area of the house for easy access to the items you need. In addition, this will improve efficiency and make the cleaning process quicker.