Living Well


How to Keep Pet Odors at Bay

Whether you have a dog, cat, ferret, or hamster, pets are like family to many. We let them cuddle up with us on the couch, sleep on top of our pillows, and play all throughout the house. Unfortunately, no matter how much we bathe and keep them clean,... …more


Stuffed Chicken with Forest Mushrooms

If you’ve ever dreamed of creating a chef-quality meal at home, this dish is an excellent place to start. Starting off with fresh, hormone- and antibiotic-free chicken, then stuffing it with a flavorful mixture of rich cream and hearty forest... …more


How to Get the Best Results From Your Dishwasher

Every dishwasher is different with unique designs and functions. But, no matter the type of appliance you have, it cannot efficiently clean your dishes if it is improperly loaded. When you cram in too many dishes or place oversized platters or pans... …more


Mushroom 101: Everything You Need to Know

By Lauren Banks, R.D. Did you know that mushrooms are not a vegetable but are actually considered a fungus? Even if the idea of eating a fungus may not sound very healthy, mushrooms are a low calorie food item and a great source of a number of helpful... …more


Dietitian-Approved Tips for a Healthy New Year

By Maddy Davis, RD The new year is when many of us take time to set resolutions and vow to have a fresh and clean start. It is the perfect time to say goodbye to unhealthy habits and lifestyle choices and focus on bringing about positive changes to... …more