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Sweet Potato Fritters Benedict

If you are a lover of all things breakfast, then you’ll absolutely fall head over heels for this vegetarian twist on eggs benedict. The earthy flavors of the sweet potato fritter combined with the tang from the decadent mustard hollandaise pairs... …more


Steps for Properly Cleaning the Refrigerator and Microwave

Refrigerators and microwaves are some of the most used kitchen appliances, which means they’re likely to get dirty over time. When spills, stuck-on food, and splatters decorate the interior, you’ll need to do a thorough cleaning to keep things looking... …more


Save Time, Money, and Energy While Washing Clothes

Today’s household washing machines and detergents are designed to be efficient users of both water and energy. If your washing machine has a symbol with the letters “HE” displayed, you are using a high efficiency washing machine. High efficiency... …more


How to Get Red Wine Out of Carpet

We’re told not cry over spilt milk, but spilt red wine might be just cause for that reaction—especially if it’s on carpet. With any stain, the quicker you act the more likely that it can be removed before it fully sets in and leaves its mark. By using... …more


Soothing Properties of Ginger

By: Mackenzie Elrod Originating from China and southern Asia, ginger is widely used as a spice in cuisines around the world to add pungent flavors and fragrance to a variety of dishes and beverages. The name ginger comes from the Sanskrit word ... …more