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What and What Not to Recycle After the Holidays

As we bask in the glow of the Christmas lights, bellies full of holiday goodies, with the children joyfully laughing as they play with their new toys, the last thing we want to think about is cleaning up the glittery ribbons, wrapping paper, and mess... …more


Southwestern Croissant Breakfast Casserole

As the pitter patter of little feet joyfully run down the stairs with their eyes aglow to discover what surprises lie underneath the Christmas tree, the spirit of the season will illuminate throughout the home. But who says the joy needs to end after... …more


How to Clean Up Your Home After a Sick Person

Bacteria and viruses can easily be spread from one person to another and stay hidden on surfaces for long periods of time, which puts anyone who comes in contact these germs at risk of getting sick. If you live with at least one other person— whether... …more


Satisfy Your Sweet-Tooth with Perfectly Melted Chocolate

Creamy, decadent, soul-satisfying chocolate — it’s a main staple of many delectable desserts and helps fulfill our sweet-tooth desires. When you crave warm, velvety chocolate that glazes over the top of pretzels, cake balls, almonds, and more, you may... …more


The Holiday Veggie that Brings a Wealth of Nutrients

By Maddy Davis, R.D.  For many people in the United States, green beans are closely tied to the holidays. They make an annual appearance on holiday tables around the country in casseroles or sautés and may not be seen again until the next holiday... …more