Team Member Success Story: John Pettey

John Pettey began working with HHS in April 2013 as a project tech at a hospital in Janesville, Wisconsin. His director there provided leadership guidance and supported him in applying for an assistant director position at a sister facility in... …more


Team Member Success Story: Jessica Nicole Castille

Jessica Nicole Castille began working with HHS in March 2018 as a PRN clinical dietitian at a healthcare facility in Clarksville, TN. After only two months, she was promoted to clinical nutrition manager. …more


Team Member Success Story: Renee Kozan

Renee began working with HHS in October 2014 as an administrative assistant at a medical center in Rockledge, Florida. During that time she traveled to several startups and had the opportunity to become familiar with all aspects of the business side... …more


Team Member Success Story: LaDonna Velasco

LaDonna Velasco began working at a facility in Oklahoma City as the nutrition lead in 2011, and officially became a member of the HHS team when the company began providing culinary services at the facility in October 2016. After one year of nutrition... …more


Team Member Success Story: Kimberly Kay Salas

Kimberly Kay Salas began working at a facility in Lake Havasu, Arizona in 2015 as an EVS supervisor, and she joined HHS in August 2017 when the company began providing support services for the facility. Seven months later, Kimberly was promoted to... …more


Team Member Success Story: Melinda Olivo

Melinda began working with HHS in April 2013 as a part-time housekeeper at a hospital in Punta Gorda, Florida. When a full-time position became available she moved into that role, and then was later promoted to housekeeping lead for the second shift.... …more


Team Member Success Story: Rebecca Croom

Rebecca began working with HHS in February 2014 as the PM EVS supervisor at a facility in Dade City, Florida.  There, she spent four years learning from her mentor, EVS Director John Garcia, gaining insights into the industry and growing her... …more