Success Story: Gracie Silva

Graciela SilvaGracie joined HHS in December 2017 as an assistant director of environmental services at a hospital in Brownsville, Texas. In April 2019, when the EVS director position became available at her facility, Gracie applied and was selected for the job. During her time with HHS, Gracie has been able to hone her skills. She has served as an AIDET champion, and is skilled in customer service, linen management, and team member relations. Gracie has more than 16 years of experience providing support services for healthcare facilities. 

Gracie is a mother of five and a grandmother to 13 children. A Harlingen, Texas native, she spent 29 years as a military spouse traveling the world with her family. She loves to dance, watch movies, and travel. 

"Coming to HHS has been the most challenging and rewarding career move I have made. I love being a part of the hospital management team and motivating my team each and every day. I have had the pleasure of having a great mentor, Vice President of EVS Larry Yeager, and I would like to thank him for always believing in me and helping me strive for a higher level with HHS."