EVS Team Helps Convert Hospital Into Dedicated COVID-19 Facility

When a hospital in St. Paul, Minnesota was designated to become a dedicated COVID-19 facility, the EVS team faced a series of challenges in converting the facility.

They had to quickly turn all rooms in the hospital and prepare them for inspection by the CNO and other hospital leadership. All hallway carpets were removed and EVS team members had to finish sealing the new floors while patients were being admitted.

In some ICU rooms, negative air flow machines were installed and EVS team members had to go back in after installation to clean and disinfect the rooms. Additionally, several new rooms, such as doctor lounges and call rooms, were created. This added more of a workload on the team as these rooms need to be serviced every 12 hours.

On top of all of this, each housekeeper was retrained on isolation room cleaning and the donning and doffing of PPE.

Bethesda EVS Team

The EVS team stepped up to the challenge. They successfully converted the facility and increased its bed count from 50 to 90 nearly overnight.