EVS Supervisor Honored as "Front Line Hero" by UCHealth

Juneka “JuJu” Chimembe was recently honored as a front line hero by UCHealth for her efforts during the COVID-19 pandemic. Chimembe was recognized for her hard work and exceptional care for patients:

“‘Patient interaction is the most important to me – the most,” Chimembe said. ‘I just make sure that they understand that I’m here for them.’

One of the greatest joys of her job is being able to reassure patients during the COVID-19 pandemic that she is there for them if they need anything.

‘What we do is very important,’ she said. ‘You are … there for these people in a time where they don’t know where they are going. … Us being that small piece of happiness and joy for someone else is more than words can explain.’”

Read the full article from UCHealth.

JuJu Chimembe