LUM Teams Celebrate Laundry and Linen Awareness Week

The week of April 22nd HHS Linen Utilization Management (LUM) teams across the country celebrated laundry and linen awareness week by providing educat...

Success Story

Team Member Success Story: Amanda Ward

Amanda Ward began working at a facility in Conroe, Texas in August 2015. She split her time between working as a dishwasher and an ambassador for abou...

Team Member Shoutout

Team Member Recognized for Saving Patient's life

In Anchorage, Alaska, HHS team member Kathleen Sullivan was cleaning patient rooms when she entered the room of a patient and felt that something wasn...

Success Story

Team Member Succes Story: Tyler Mitchell

Tyler Mitchell began working with HHS in 2015 as a floor tech at a hospital in Springdale, Arkansas. Since beginning his career with HHS, Tyler has be...

Team Member Shoutout

Team Member Demonstrates Honesty and Integrity in Patient Care

In Chattanooga, Tennessee, team member Brenda Adkins was cleaning a discharged room when came across an envelope that had been left behind. She inspec...

Leadership Spotlight

Leadership Spotlight: Jaime Ptacek

Jaime Ptacek is the director of patient transport at a hospital in Englewood, Colorado. We sat down with her to learn more about her leadership style.

Team Member Shoutout

Team Member Receives Award From Hospital CEO

In Caldwell, Idaho, housekeeping team member Mandie Barbosa recently received the “My CEO Thinks I’m Awesome” award from the hospital CEO for her quic...

Caring for Your Community

Story of HHS Team Member Providing Patient Care Goes Viral

Team member Gregory Watson in Minneapolis recently gained some notoriety when a story of his excellent patient care was shared across the internet. Wh...

Team Member Shoutout

Culinary Team Member Recognized for Excellent Service

In Palestine, Texas, culinary team member Victron Strawther received special recognition from a retired U.S. Army colonel who was a patient at his fac...

Success Story

Team Member Success Story: Lestestia Eason

Lestestia Eason began working with HHS in August 2016 as a cashier in the cafeteria of a specialty hospital in Bossier, Louisiana. In 2017 she was pro...