Healthcare Case Study

DeSoto Memorial Saves Money and Increases Patient Satisfaction [Case Study]


DeSoto Memorial Hospital (DMH) is an independently owned 49-bed facility in Arcadia, Florida. The hospital sought to improve operational performance, increase the overall patient experience, and identify inefficiencies to achieve cost savings across their food and nutrition and environmental services.

DMH leadership decided HHS offered the most compelling solution by combining the food and nutrition and environmental services (EVS) departments into a consolidated model that would achieve their goals and provide their employees with access to resources, training, and upward mobility.

DMH’s Goals:

Reducing costs

Growing retail food sales

Enhancing the quality of food

Increasing team member satisfaction

Improving EVS operational performance 

HHS’ Approach

Combining EVS and food and nutrition into a consolidated model

Community involvement

Fresh food and locally sourced ingredients

Leadership engagement


10% reduction in departmental spend 

38% increase in retail sales

Media recognition of food quality

Low turnaround times and 85.4% yearly average in patient satisfaction

98.87% team member satisfaction rate

“HHS brings a focus on quality and efficiency. The support of all departments and their consistent cost awareness are hallmarks of the HHS staff at DMH. HHS’ attention to detail and constant staff training are large factors in their successful support of the DMH organization.” - Dan Hogan, CFO, DeSoto Memorial Hospit

Financial Impact

Revenue Through Retail Food Sales

Challenges and Solutions

DMH wanted to see more activity in their retail cafe space. They sought to actively engage their community while also providing food that staff and guests genuinely enjoy.

HHS developed relationships with local law enforcement agencies, rotary clubs, teachers’ unions, and other organizations to understand the unique aspects of their local community. Thanks to these efforts, the cafe has become a place where police officers and firefighters regularly come to get a good meal in a secure environment. We also leveraged our relationships with these community organizations to generate catering opportunities.


By engaging the community and creating a more exciting, diverse menu, HHS has increased retail sales by 38% at DMH.

Quality of Food

To improve food quality, we first started at where we were sourcing our ingredients. The primary opportunity here was finding vendors and partners that could provide fresh, high-quality ingredients.

After selecting local farms and vendors, we also made sure our meats were sustainably sourced and never frozen.

Our leaders instilled a culture of service and care that meant every meal served was an opportunity to promote healing for patients and provide an excellent experience for hospital staff and visitors.

Our improvements eventually generated attention from local media, earning us a feature in a local news outlet titled “Best secret: Hospital food. And tell them Jimmy sent you, Hometown.”

EVS Operational Performance

DMH knew that the right partnership would drive operational improvement and result in cost savings. As a small, rural hospital, high turnover rates often resulted in drops in quality, more inexperienced staff, and a constant cycle of onboarding and training.

HHS brought decades of EVS experience and a depth of resources and knowledge to the partnership. With proven programs and procedures in place, the hospital has seen dramatic improvements in the operational efficiency of the EVS department.


Turnaround Times

Prior to the HHS transition, the Med Surg and ICU units at DMH had turnaround time benchmarks of 60 minutes and 45 minutes, respectively. In 2020, EVS maintained the following average turnaround times:

• 21 minutes in the Med Surg Unite

• 17 minutes in the ICU


• Yearly average of 85th percentile since 2014

20 point increase over the first seven years of the partnership

Team Member Satisfaction

Challenges and Solutions

Improving team member satisfaction came down to leadership engagement. HHS on-site leadership took an active approach to engaging with team members to support their growth and morale. Our leaders began providing regular training, leading learning and development workshops, and encouraging team members to pursue advancement opportunities within the organization.

Our leadership team took a hands-on approach at DeSoto, ensuring the entire team knew they were ready to help and even cover shifts whenever needed. They worked to build authentic relationships with our team members, creating an environment where people felt comfortable voicing their opinions, offering ideas and solutions, and openly sharing any concerns.


HHS has maintained an average team member satisfaction score of 98.87%.


HHS sought to understand the unique goals and desires DeSoto Memorial Hospital had for their environmental services and food and nutrition operations. Through tailored programs and solutions, we’ve been able to:

• 10% reduction in departmental spend

• Increase retail sales by 38%

• Improve the quality of food, earning media attention as a secret dining destination within the community

• Sustain a 98.87% team member satisfaction rate

“HHS improved the services from prior performance levels — both outsourced and internal. They’ve reduced
department expenses by 10% while improving quality. HHS has provided great performance in the administration and management of those two vital areas in our healthcare processes. We receive positive remarks from visitors on the cleanliness of the facility as well as high marks about the culinary services.” - Vince Sica, CEO, DeSoto Memorial Hospital

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