HHS Brings Company Leaders Together for Summer Meeting & Celebration in Orlando

Posted on June 22, 2016

orlando program-v08Creating a cohesive culture and sense of unity in a decentralized organization poses its own unique challenges, which become more pronounced with growth. Poised to continue growing at 15% year-over-year, HHS’ executive leadership group felt a company-wide meeting would be a critical component in continuing the successful growth of the organization. 

To that end, HHS brought managers from partner hospitals across the country to Orlando in June for a company-wide meeting and celebration.

“As we’ve continued to grow and diversify, we’ve also continued to become more decentralized, and we felt, as a leadership group, that bringing all of our leaders together to not only share our vision with them, but also to celebrate and recognize the exceptional work that they do every day, would be vitally important to our continued success,” explains COO Bobby Floyd.

With more than 400 people in attendance, the 2016 company-wide meeting was the largest HHS event to date, bringing together directors, VPs and executives from all HHS service lines.

“Being as spread out as we are, as an organization, it was extremely powerful to see all of our leaders together in one room,” Floyd said. “It really drove home the scope of our growth, and how far we have come as an organization, even in just the past few years.”

Since 2010, HHS has added several new service lines, including Culinary and Nutrition, Linen Utilization Management, Patient Transportation, Facilities Management, and Senior Living.

The company-wide meeting focused on the importance of taking personal ownership -- from working closely with customers to identify solutions to actively mentoring and developing team members. Speakers addressed the future of the healthcare industry from a contracting perspective, as well as the critical roles that engagement and personal buy-in play in building and retaining successful teams. Additionally, a group of past and current HHS executives participated in a panel discussion about the foundation and future of the organization.

“One of our main goals was to provide our managers with new tools -- both tangible and philosophical -- to help them be successful,” explains Floyd. “The other main goal was to show our managers how much we value and appreciate their creativity and hard work.”

A total of 42 individuals and two teams were recognized as having made significant positive contributions to HHS in a variety of categories, including Patient Experience, Service Excellence, Servant Leadership, Teamwork, Innovation, Peer Leadership and Support Excellence.

“Our managers truly are the best in the industry,” Floyd says, “and it was great to come together as an organization and recognize some of the outstanding work our leaders have done over the past year.”

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