HHS: A Look Ahead at 2017

Posted on January 05, 2017

By Bobby Floyd, COO 

Bobby FloydFor HHS, 2016 was a banner year. I’m very proud of our teams and our leadership who responded to a challenging 2015 in a positive way. In the previous year (2015), we were faced with a lot of adversity - a lot of which was out of our control -  but the way in which we answered showed a lot of poise and strength and represented the character of our leaders throughout the organization. 

After a strong recovery in 2016, we are looking forward to an outstanding 2017. It will be important for us to come together with our respective teams and build upon the momentum. Below are just a few of the items that I am most looking forward to focusing on this year:

  1. Building company culture through the OneHHS initiative. At the start of December we announced this new company-wide initiative, and I am looking forward to watching it develop throughout 2017. We will be rolling out a series of new programs designed to help our leaders develop a strong personal commitment to the organization, and to embrace the culture that we hope will ultimately permeate HHS.
  2. Focus on management recruitment and development. HHS has always been an advocate of promoting from within, and we want to be sure we are attracting the right people, equipping them with the tools they need, and providing an empowering environment for growth. With the aggressive growth goals we have for 2017, we will need our leaders at every level to seek out development on their own, and from their direct supervisors, and we will need those direct supervisors to take time to mentor their people. From a company perspective, Sheldon Cash was promoted to be the EVP of Talent Acquisition and Development, and he will be spearheading our recruitment and retainment strategies over the next year. One aspect of this that I’m excited about is our new Road Maps for Advancement, which we have begun retooling and plan to roll-out in the future to provide clear guidelines for growth.
  3. Focus on advancement of our hourly team members. We have some amazing frontline team members who have great potential to become successful leaders. HHS offers a scholarship program to assist team members in going back to school and achieving their goals. Over the next year, we need to make a greater push to identify candidates who are interested in and capable of growing within the company, and helping them to get the training and education they need to be successful.
  4. Continue to find innovations and solutions for our customers. In order to be successful in our industry, it is necessary to innovate and evolve alongside the changing healthcare marketplace. We won’t accept the status quo, and we recognize that there are often better ways of doing things rather than just following what the herd does. I am confident that, if we continue to innovate and adapt, we will be able to continue to find new and creative solutions to the issues facing our industry every day. One example of this can be seen in BreadBox, our proprietary food management software, which we will be rolling out to all of our culinary accounts in the first quarter of the year. We are also finalizing development of cloud-based start-up plans for all service lines, which will allow for greater collaboration and sharing of best practices.
  5. Continue to build on our momentum, while remaining focused on our roots of quality outcomes. HHS had a truly fantastic year in 2016. As a company, we grew by 25% and retained 98% of our existing business. Those are some incredible numbers, and clear indicators of our strong performance. In 2017, we’ve set a goal for ourselves of starting 140 new accounts while retaining and continuously improving our existing partnerships. This is an ambitious goal, but I am confident that we have the unique talent and service offerings to achieve it. If we stay focused on the fundamentals that have helped us grow over the past 42 years, we will continue to remain a strong leader in the industry.

I am very optimistic about what 2017 will bring for HHS, and I am excited to see the entire organization carry this momentum forward. Here’s to another banner year!


Bobby Floyd is the Chief Operating Officer of HHS.