By Bruce Moore, HHS President of Information Systems

Data-driven technology has advanced considerably throughout the years. In the past where systems would take multiple months or even years to perfect, today, companies are able to offer technology solutions for their partners in a matter of days. This overwhelming advancement is largely due to the ability to leverage existing platforms that can take a concept to reality in record time. For industry leaders seeking new support service providers, it is key to find an organization that harnesses technology to answer their customers’ needs while creating a true partnership. When choosing a new support service provider, it is important to consider these three ideas regarding technology:

Removes the white noise from data

LUM-Hallway_Restocking-40Often companies are saturated with data, so much so that it is hard to codify and make sense of the material. The overabundance of information causes pertinent details to be missed amid the white noise. Organizations that can successfully filter the information to provide customers with specific, actionable items are able to more successfully deliver key guidance on business decisions. Not only does this set solid benchmark goals, but it also establishes better designed processes moving forward.

Shows greater accountability for their services

Sifting through white noise not only tames the data monster, but also provides full transparency—it allows the customer to see what their partner sees in real time. In the past this would require quite a bit of administrative labor. Now, because aggregating data is simpler than ever before, millions of evaluations and processes can be rolled up and summarized automatically. This has made on-demand information accessible to customers at all times, from anywhere. Support service providers who supply this type of transparency hold themselves accountable for their service while exhibiting firsthand how they handle the challenges the data uncovers.

Forms a true partnership model for both parties

An organization that is willing to provide real-time, accurate data shows their commitment to the improvement of the partnership. Utilizing the information through technology serves as a way for both parties to focus on and work towards a common goal. This coexistence creates a seamless bond between the two workforces. An organization that harnesses their technology appropriately will also be able to use their knowledge to develop new platforms, apps, and solutions to fit their customers’ needs. The more that support service organizations are able to expose and present detailed data to their partners, the greater the chance both parties will be able to solidify their future advancement.

Technology has impacted the way companies make business decisions, especially when it comes to choosing a partner. Through innovation, the vision and goals of both the support service provider and customer’s organization can come to fruition. Focusing on finding a support service provider who strives to build a true partnership, provides accountability for their services, and produces detailed statistics relevant to growth will serve in the best interest of a company.

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Bruce Moore oversees the day-to-day IT operations for HHS.  He also leads a team of mobile, web, and Salesforce developers in creating industry-leading solutions designed to reduce administrative load so more time can be focused on providing top-rate services to our HHS partners.