For Housekeeping Services in Senior Living Communities, Resident Interviews Get to the Heart of the Matter

Posted on March 11, 2015

Senior Living photoby Amy Fritzer

The mission of any valued support service provider at a senior living community should be simple: to enhance the daily living experience of the residents through their service and compassion towards the residents’ individual needs.

This is why getting to know each resident, understanding their specific needs and comfort levels and building a service program to fit those needs is the approach that yields the most benefits. There is no “one size fits all” approach. A personal, change-as-needed program designed to constantly improve service, as well as knowing and understanding each resident helps Senior Living facilities better accommodate their every need.

A carefully performed in-depth interview should be performed once the resident arrives to live at the community. Their likes, social schedules, wellness and care routine-- even their furry companions should be carefully researched and recorded by housekeeping management so that a service program with compassion and dignity can be designed specifically for each resident in a manner which respects their individuality, independence and safety.

Ideally, a resident interview should be conducted a minimum of three times per year to evaluate if residents’ needs and care plans have changed. It is essential that each community and each resident understand that as needs change, the housekeeping provider will alter its service to make sure those needs are met.