BedWatch Healthcare Patient Flow

Florida Hospital Improves Transport Efficiency Despite Rising ADC and a Reduction in Staff

by Elizabeth Treichler

A 250-bed BedWatch partner hospital in northeastern Florida was able to use BedWatch Transport Control to drive significant improvement in daily patient transport operations, despite a rising ADC and a reduction in Patient Transport staff.

Using BedWatch Transport Control, the hospital successfully:

  • Increased the number of Average Daily Transports by 59% (from 135 to 215)
  • Reduced Average Transport Completion Time by 37% (from 27.8 minutes to 17.4 minutes)
  • Increased Average Daily Transports per FTE by 91% (from 9.25 to 17.62)

All this was done with fewer FTEs — 12.2 plus a manager with BedWatch, down from 14.6 before implementation in Q3 2013.

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Elizabeth Treichler is the Director of Marketing at BedWatch®, a subsidiary of HHS, that offers a cutting-edge, cloud-based patient throughput management system.