CEO Joe Terry Launches “OneHHS” Initiative to Expand Team Member Resources, Training & Development

Posted on December 07, 2016

one hhs logo-01HHS CEO Joe Terry announced a new company-wide initiative -- "OneHHS" -- on December 1, which he says will help define the organization going forward.

“One HHS is our new internal branding initiative, which focuses on improving our training, development, and recognition efforts for all HHS team members,” Terry explains.

Over the course of 2017 and beyond, Terry and his executive leadership team will be rolling out a series of new programs and initiatives designed to improve HHS' internal mentoring and development programs, to further formalize recognition programs, and to provide clear development plans and paths to advancement for all HHS team members.

“We understand that the success of our organization hinges on our ability to create a positive working environment and a culture of service, servant leadership, and both personal and professional success,” Terry says.

HHS has seen unprecedented growth over the past year, both in the housekeeping division as well as the other diversifications, including foodservice, senior living, linen utilization management and facilities management.

“As we continue to grow, it is imperative that we establish what we want our company culture to be, and that we work to ingrain that culture into all facets of our business,” Terry explains. “We must put a stake in the ground today to create a foundation that will allow us to continue to grow successfully for decades to come.”

One of the things that sets HHS apart in the healthcare support service industry, Terry says, is “the unique spirit” of the company.

“We have some of the very best people in the business,” he explains, “and as CEO, it is my job to protect that spirit of entrepreneurship and commitment to achieving exceptional results for our partners, and to do my utmost to preserve and promote that spirit as we continue to grow and expand across the country.”

OneHHS represents a “renewed commitment on behalf of the HHS executive leadership group to continue to invest in our people,” Terry says,  in order to “continue to build on our significant growth and success as an organization.”

“OneHHS is about taking our organization -- and everyone involved -- to the next level in terms of performance, engagement, and ultimately, results,” Terry explains. “It signifies a huge investment in the resources and mentoring programs we provide to all HHS team members at all levels, and I believe the results will speak for themselves.”

To learn more about HHS, the OneHHS initiative, or our unique approach to healthcare support services management, please contact us.