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How Patient Sitters are Adding Value to Healthcare

The healthcare industry is home to a wide-array of occupations, all serving crucial roles in the health, safety, and well-being of patients. “One important position...that didn’t commonly exist 20 years ago is that of the patient sitter,” notes ... …more


A Culture of Health Designed for Team Members

By Bobby Floyd, HHS CEO, Healthcare Division Companies often find it challenging to cultivate an environment that encourages work-life balance, however, there are many ways for organizations to support healthy lifestyles for their teams. Through the... …more


Dedication to a Job Means More Than Just Tenure

When pension plans were popular and tenure was key to professional success, it was not uncommon for people to devote their entire work life to one company. In fact, in a recent poll by The Associated Press it was found that 40% of Americans age 50 and... …more