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Recognition Events Provide a Great Opportunity to Celebrate Team Members and Promote a Positive Working Environment

Team Member recognition is a vital component to any successful management program, no matter the service or industry, but it is even more important in healthcare. Team members who spend their days serving patients in hospitals and supporting the... …more


EVS Directors Tell All: How to Create a Positive Environmental Services Team Experience

Here at HHS we recognize that in order to have successful teams, we must start with strong leaders. HHS is proud to have some of the hardest working directors in the industry, who put forth a lot of energy toward making their teams successful every... …more


Everything in Healthcare is Interconnected: How EVS Can Help Nurses

In order for a hospital to run smoothly and efficiently, it's critical that every team assists their peers in other departments, whenever and however possible. While ancillary departments like Environmental Services (EVS), Facilities, Foodservice, and... …more